Designer Rug Services

Ascend rugs will make a custom rug to meet your exact requirements.

Your choice of color, texture, size, shape or design can be crafted by Ascend`s expert Rug designers.

Rug Colors

Our use of the very whitest wool means that our colors are bright and vibrant.

Rug colors can be matched to meet exacting custom requirements.

We have a range of standard colors ( show standard color book ) which are stunning, either alone or in multi color combinations.

10 Twist color combinations

20 Duet standard color combinations

30 Symphony colors in their own pom box

Supply a color sample and Ascend Rugs will match it and then get your approval before making the rug.

Rug Textures

Ascend`s rug collections include over 80 different product styles or textures from which to select.

Rug Designs

Ascend can make and ship rugs to fit any size and shape specifications.

Round, Oval, templated rugs, room shapes and sizes.

Rugs with insets and borders.

Rugs made to other unusual shapes.

Ascend can also tuft simple designs.