Ascends Custom Rug Services

 Ascend rugs recognise that there is a constant desire to have new and fresh ideas for rugs in the modern home.

A blank canvas demands an Ascend wool rug to enhance the space.

Blank Canvas Ascend Rugs

We will work to craft a custom rug that meets the exact requirements of your customer brief.

Your choice of colour, texture, size, shape or design can be crafted by Ascend`s expert Rug designers to meet every customers needs.

Unusual colours, shapes, dramatic textures and very large sizes – we can assist to make it happen.
Rug Colors
Our use of the very whitest wool means that our colours are bright and vibrant.

Rug colours can be matched to meet exacting custom requirements.

We have a range of standard colours which are stunning, either alone or in multi colour combinations.

10 Twist colour combinations

20 Duet standard colour combinations

3 Ring Combinations

Sextet Combinations

Georgie Combinations


Supply colour samples and Ascend Rugs will match it and then make a sample for your approval before making the rug.
Rug Textures
Ascend`s rug collections include over 80 different product styles or textures from which to select.
We can make small samples in the colour and style that you want – matching your customers desire for softness, specific colours, yarn effects and textures

Custom Tools

Rug Designs
Ascend can make and ship rugs to fit any size and shape and design specifications.