Handmade Rugs

Ascend`s factory in Christchurch, New Zealand uses a wonderful combination of the latest technology and old fashioned hand skills. Our tufting guns represent the very latest in technology enabling us to tuft a wide range of yarn types and thicknesses. Our factory set up allows us to tuft up to 12 feet ( 3.66 metres ) wide and up to 100 feet ( 30 metres) long in one piece. Quality factory joining enables us to make and ship rugs wider than 12 feet. 


Each tufting gun is hand controlled to ensure that we tuft the exacting stitch rates and row spacing to ensure that we deliver the very same textures and high pile weights every time.  Ranging between 80 oz / square yard and 200 oz / square yard our pile weights ensure that underfoot Ascend rugs feel luxurious and perform well.  Each rug is hand finished and quality inspected on the floor before packaging. Backing and Edge Finishing Ascend rugs are finished with action backing for all styles. The normal edge finish is a taped and folded edge.  This is very neat and strong. For dark pile shades the edge can,on request, be hand colored to match the pile color. Sustainability Pure New Zealand wool is a fiber with an entirely sustainable lifecycle, demonstrating best practice responsibility is all areas from animal welfare to manufacture. Visit www.nzmerino.co.nz and www.awesomewool.co.nz to read more about our amazing fiber.