About Us

Dawn at Moeraki, New Zealand

Every Ascend rug begins its journey in the mountains of New Zealand where ZQ Merino wool is grown.

Ascend use the ZQ Merino wool along with unique yarn systems to create rugs that deliver unparalleled softness and texture, color of startling intensity and aesthetics limited only by your imagination.

Ascend handcrafts each rug to meet your colour, size, shape and style requirements.

ascend rugs 3  

The journey ends beneath your feet as your Ascend rug delivers luxury of the highest possible standard.


Ascend Rugs (started in 2002) are based in Christchurch New Zealand and all rugs are manufactured in Christchurch. We export most of our rugs – mainly to the USA but all over the world.

Our US customers over the years have included; Kanye West, Paris Hilton, the late Elizabeth Taylor, Pam Shriver, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw, Jessie McCartney, Ernie Els and Magic Johnson.

Felted Wool Yarns

Ascend Rugs use the world leading Watermill felted yarns produced by entangling wool fibres in a tube with water and a gentle safe detergent. The resulting yarns are clean with a uniform cross-section and excellent durability.

Felted Yarn

Many custom colour and colour combinations are possible to match the colours you need for your home, office or hospitality venue.  Ascend also use the highest quality spun yarns in Natural Silk, Mohair, Bamboo and Alpaca.


At Ascend we strive to innovate in wool yarns.

Yarns incorporating new technology and new yarn colour effects – yarns that can only be sourced from Ascend Rugs.