About Us

Every Ascend rug begins its journey in the mountains of New Zealand, where the  finest renewable wool from New Zealand’s mountain sheep is carefully selected for its clean, bright whiteness and superior softness.

This Merino wool is used  to create rugs that deliver unparralleled softness and texture, with color of startling intensity and aesthetics limited only by your the imagination:  Ascend’s ground breaking technology offers an infinite number of customization options.

The journey ends beneath your feet, as your Ascend rug delivers luxury of the highest possible standard.

Ascend Rugs is based in Christchurch, New Zealand.  Each Merino Wool Rug is locally manufactured and Ascends directors personally oversee each order to ensure that the finished product is of the highest possible standard.


Makers of the Finest Wool Rugs

Ascend Rugs hand tuft wool rugs in Christchurch and export them to the high end market in the USA, Canada, Australia and the UK.

We use only the best New Zealand wool, the very best quality yarns and all our products have high pile weights

Our US customers over the years have included Kanye West, Paris Hilton, Tommy Hilfiger, the late Elizabeth Taylor, Pam Shriver, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw, Jesse McCartney, Ernie Els and Magic Johnson

Our largest markets are Beverly Hills and Manhattan, New York

NZ Wool

Ascend Rugs use only the finest New Zealand wool carefully selected for its whiteness. Ascend specialises in the use of New Zealand Merino wool and our rugs carry the coveted ZQUE brand. The ZQUE brand signifies that the Merino wool meets the highest standards for the stewardship of livestock, management of the environment and socially responsible practices.

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Felted Yarns

Ascend Rugs uses the unique and world leading Watermill felted yarns produced by entangling wool fibers in a tube with water and a gentle safe detergent.  The resulting yarns are clean with a uniform cross section and excellent durability.

Quality Spun Yarns

The look and performance of wool rugs is very dependent on the quality of the wool and the spinning process used.  Ascend buys the very best quality spun yarns from New Zealand and international yarn spinners.  Our felted and spun wool yarns in Alpaca, Natural Silk, Bamboo and Mohair yarns represent the very best available.

Smart Yarns

Ascend Rugs searches the world for the most innovative wool yarns available.  Yarns that incorporate new technology, new yarn shapes or which can create new color effects are our speciality.  Look for the SY logo which signifies products that use the very latest in Smart Yarn technology.